Sunday, 3 January 2010

kids 're happy when it's hooked! catch & release


fatimah azzahra, sabrina, nur aminah & muhammad ali redha

can i swim..? swimming tah kalau mau kana sapit katam haha

cruising: pudak - serdang - sungai belukut - sungai besar - pulau cermin - pulau keingaran - pengkalan si babau - sungai bunga

sabrina (in purple) loves the twins - muhammad ali redha &
fatimah azzahra

cooked by zul pudak (tahai too)

zul pudak, yono & syafiq

ali redha, safwan, sara & asyraf

adi the anchor kid

broadband DST's avail! zuk alamrox & adi 're counter striking
jangan saja larak laptop ahh hehehe

syafiq with his gumbir

edy, lisa & sembilang (catfish) - novice anglers (beginner)
laki bini baju brown ya banngg hehehe

haz alamrox, azimCF & hafiCF.. relaxing & zZzz

3 days 2 nites - checked in on december 30, 31, 2009
& 1 january 2010

croxfiber & family were the last guests at villa 1988, sungai bunga

baik sadang.. main game online saja jua hahaha..

villa 1988 was opened to public in 2006 & by 1st january 2010, it would be as mangrove paradise resort's staff residence

lane snapper (ketambak).. she's getting the hang of it.. hehehe

hope the management would change their mind
simply for eco-tourism hehehe (to reopen villa 1988)

croxfiber boat.. mangrove paradise resort on the scene & ht's fish farming (it's understood there're 20,000 fish: barramundi, carangidae, grouper, mangrove jack, snapper & etc

croxfiber's view:-
we should have numerous resorts as there are 33 islands pan-brunei darussalam ( & perhaps various islands should be allocated for anglers / fishermen to dock their boats
(shuttle boats could transfer them to & fro at certain area i.e. boat-docking & other transportation would not be free, hehe)

eco-tourism and cuti cuti brunei darussalam at 33 islands would generate healthy mind & positive perceptions

brunei darussalam: the abode of peace

game on..


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