Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Exocoetidae known as flying fish, are a marine fish family comprising about 64 species grouped in seven to nine genera

Flying fish are found in all of the major oceans, particularly in the warm tropical & subtropical waters of the Atlantic, Pacific & Indian oceans

Their most striking feature is their pectoral fins which are unusually large, and enable the fish to hide and escape from predators by leaping out of the water, taking short glided flights through air just above the water's surface

Their glides are typically around 50 m (160 ft), but they can use updrafts at the leading edge of waves to cover distances of at least 400 m (1,300 ft)

In order to glide upward out of the water, a flying fish moves its tail to up to 70 times per second,which "vibrates" to produce enough speed to burst through the surface. It then spreads its pectoral fins and tilts them slightly upwards to lift itself to glide through the air

take off..

its a bird, its a plane.. its a flying fish!

azimCF - what bait do they fancy?
hafiCF - how does it feel to hook them?
abgCF - how to catch them?

kalau tapancing..trabang tah jua kitani olehnya tu..
siapa kan merasai.. inda payah membali tiket hehehe

credits: oj/ wikipedia.org/ numerous source


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