Friday, 13 January 2012

the ocean's surface is lit bu sunlight. the top 30 meters is
brightly lit but it gets darker as you go deeper

down by 200 meters, all sunlight has gone & the water looks bluey-black

flying fish has an unusual way of escaping predators. when
threatened it swims straight at the surface on the water &
flies into the air, using its fins like wings

it can glide above the surface for up to 100 meters

surface wave - when the wind blows over the surface of
the ocean it creates waves. as the waves grow larger they
are moved along the wind, and this helps to mix up the water

during storms at sea, normally the waves reach 30 meters
or more in height. that's as tall as a 10-story building!

credits: my first ocean life encyclopedia, yahoo, google, flickr & various data


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