Friday, 11 November 2011

the reef is active at night as numerous of the animals are nocturnal

they hide during the day in caves & crevices,
then come out to feed in the safety of the dark!

the female cardinal fish lays her eggs in the water,
where they're fertilized by the male. as the male collect them
in his mouth & care for them (18 to 24 days) until they hatch

he releases the young fish in the safety of darkness

the arrow crab is a night time scavenger. it clambers over coral
looking for the remains of animals that have died on the reef

squirrel fish have extra large eyes. the fish hide in caves &
wrecked ships by day & start dance at night to feed on plankton

snappers (blue & gold color) are seen at night swimming
around in small groups. they hunt crabs, shrimps, worms &
fish that live on sandy sea beds near reefs

credits: my first ocean life encyclopedia/ flickr/ various data


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