Wednesday, 2 March 2011

kick-off at 20.30 hours

plastered.. it's understood zimin was injured while playing a friendly game for pudak football team at 17.00 hours & surprisingly, he still managed to turn up for croxfiber's outing in the evening

bab was in pain..

gs prado juniors

saved! gs prado was the hero, unfortunately bab failed to convert the penalty kick... hahahaaaa, what a fun game!

amused.. zuk was witnessing a delightful friendship

it's so enjoyable...

shuttlecock time... asyraf & adi

li-ning, yonex & chevignon

kobak was still fixing his racquet

soff & haz

raihan pudak (adik)

oooooo.. leeds united jersey?

hahahhaa... it could not be use any more but kobak's doing his best...

still to the hospital in a few minutes... (it's reported by haz at 23.45 hours that zimin got 10 stitches with three injections above his right eye. it was so painful & made his head so groggy)

bab, asyraf & azimCF

worn-out hahahhaaa...


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