Wednesday, 22 December 2010

simple marine eco-system

getting ready...

water current & weather should be fine in order to drop artificial reefs

artificial reefs may also serve to improve hydrodynamics for surfing or to control beach erosion

70 feet depth... 40 feet long of artificial reefs

artificial reefs.. playground for marine life

feel it...

reel - quantum energy 40/ rod - eupro - amalthea pe 1-3/ line - stern 20 lb/ leader - steel # 28/ hook - pioneer chinu size 12 & bait - slice 'aur aur'

gotcha! 8 lb

african pompano, alectis ciliaris (threadfin trevally)

four boats 're witnessing the actions

lets fish!

here we go again...

giant trevally, caranx ignobilis

10 lb so heavy bro...


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