Tuesday, 26 October 2010

speed-off... croxfiber-boat

game on.. lets fish!

equipped with shimano aernos nx 5000, mono line of 20 lb, leader of steel # 27

the rod was abu garcia conolon, pionner size 12 as hooked & live bait of aur aur

ooooohaaaaa... feel it! brrrr...

mackerel - the scombridae family consists of about 45 species & includes the numerous species of mackerel plus tuna, bonito & wahoo. the typical scombrid is a fast-swimming predator with a beautiful streamlined, spindle-shaped body & a large, deeply forked of lunate (crescent-shaped) tail. they are able to fold some of their fins into slots in their bodies to make them more streamlined & enable them to swim faster!

spanish mackerel a fine table fish...

fishos / anglers fancy to dance with tunas due to their fast-run fighters & tend to circle near the boat! as for mackerels due to their long-run near surface & often follow by shorter-run in mid water!

little tunny of tuna. the little tunny is popular gamefish. it's very similar to the skipjack tuna & other species of euthynnus that can grows to a maximum of about 12 kg (26 lb)

5kg & 1 kg mackerels

catch you soon... ooohhaaaaa!

credits: the new encyclopedia of fishing/ fishing-khaolak.com & various data


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