Tuesday, 31 August 2010

the name vmc is an acronym for viellard, migeon & company, the names of the two founders who started the company in 1835 specialising in iron works for the french market

the hook department was formed in 1910 by charles viellard & during this time 10 families from reddich in england who specialised in hook manufacture were brought to france to develop the hook making business

in 1968 under the guidance of christophe viellard, the business went through a period of global repositioning & his two strategies: firstly, to focus on automation in hook production & secondly, to establish a global footprint. it was during that time that christophe decided to focus all of his efforts on treble hooks & this move has paid off in spades as vmc is globally the largest manufacturer of treble hooks!

giant trevally... 18 blue rapala lure

in 1980s, vmc established international distribution throughout the us, germany, poland, ukraine, brazil & russia, becoming the market leader in treble hook output & sales

by 2000, the company merged with the rapala group! rapala was a globally dominant lure manufacturer & vmc the largest treble manufacturer

blackfin tuna!

french hook manufacturer vmc peche celeberates its 100 year anniversary of hook making in 2010

barramundi.. rapala lure.. vmc treble hooks

credits: vmc/ fishingworld/ sami omari/ flickr/ numerous info


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