Tuesday, 29 June 2010

moray eel

manta ray

scrawled filefish loves to swim into ocean water


torpedo rays (torpedo californica) had flat gray bodies & black spots. interestingly they catch their prey by stunning them with a jolt!

goosefish.. camouflaged on a northern rocky reefs

ocean sunfish or mola mola cruises slowly through water column. at the surface mola mola will be mistakenly seen as a shark due to the tall dorsal fins

california sheephead (semicossyphus pulcher) fancies to roam at rocky reefs & klep forests. amazingly, sheephead are all born females however once they have gone through a change of later life, they will be transformed into males!

scorpionfish's ugly visage allows it to hide in northern seaweed beds

batfish, sexy lips & intimidate make-up.. phewwittt...hahaha

credits: livescience & numerous info


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