Tuesday, 1 December 2009

eta 1717 hrs

no arrival hall.. it's an open-air.. so pleasant

check in..

nice tv & luggage compartment

better & relaxing but no avail for this special trip hehehe

settling down

my schedule's on time.. lets fish!

complimentary drink

no complimentary welcoming drink.. need to wash the cold-box hehehe

nice to be alone awhile hahaha.. no hassle no work

royal skies manageress with her family

inflight services manager with his new commitment

bon appetit

ambuyat.. local cuisine.. yummmmyyyy

banana, rambutan.. aluminum foil.. cincalok.. what else?

this is where you trash the wastage..

royal brunei airlines-passengers & ground services workforce (tnx a millionzz to ps, the guy at the far back as well as to zimin pudak & zul pudak)

caught by haz alamrox & oj few days back... now we gonna munch them.. barramaundi on steamy dish & mangrove jack will be splashed with sweet sour tasty cooking

charcoal + wood + oil + drum = bbq

bodyguards.. one nite 2 days hehehehhe

kembayau..local gastronomy

scaleless barramundi

fire.. flame.. inferno.. smoke..heat..

no pen.. no manuscript hahaha

we luv the package...

upon reaching home, the rba-inflight services manager did enlighten us that it's fun... loosen up at sungai bunga fish farm, gigantic tnx to his colleagues for the wonderful moments & delightful appreciation to croxfiber for the arrangements

i'm home now...relaxing, blue blanket is cooling..

" i had a great time, good laughter, food was good, those crabs 're fantastic.. rite now i'm still floating due to the dancing wave, mangrove scenario & fishy aroma..."


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