Friday, 11 September 2009

There are over 200 members of the Carangidae family including amberjack, jack, pompano, jackmackerel & roosterfish

"Bemasa" or Giant Trevally (Carnax Ignobilis) is the common name in Brunei Darussalam! Almaco Jack (Seriola Rivoliana), Crevalle Jack (Carnax Hippos), Lesser Amberjack (Seriola Fasciata), Premit (Trachinotus Falcatus) & African Pompano (Alectis Ciliaris) are caught by trolling dead or live mullet, mackerel or scad / trolling lures, minnows, spoons or poppers / deep jigging at drift or anchor / casting poppers / fly casting with chum

Location - Around reefs and rocky islands / Around peaks on outside of outer reefs

Weight - 2 lb (910 g) to 126 lb (57 kg) or more!

Young fish of the Carangidae family often form small schools beeneth floating objects such as jellyfish. Older fish of most species roam the seas in large, fast-swimming schools but the oldest & largest fish tend to be solitary

They are widely distributed in temperature & tropical seas, usually at their most abundant in inshore waters

Bemasa had been caught in Muara, Jerudong, Tungku of Brunei Muara District, Danau of Tutong District & Lumut of Belait District - in Brunei Darussalam bay

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