Wednesday, 22 July 2009

abasKFC (king fisher adventure) onboard :
croxfiber boat : July 20, 2009

hits! strikeee

awang ahad's (hardcore jigger) witnessing
the buzz, excitement & thrill

it'sss gettttting closerrr

get the net!

SHARK! endangered species..
perhaps 10 to 13 kg.. catch & release..

reel - avet : rod - shino : leader line - lemax 80 lb
bait - king prawn : location - the american wreck

The American Wreck (World War II wreck)
Identification - The US Navy's 808-tonne Admirable Class mine-hunter USS Salute

Size - 56m (185ft) by 10m (33ft) by 5m (16ft)

Built - November 11, 1942 by Winslow Marine Railway & Shipbuilding Co of Seattle;
the ship was launched on February 6, 1943 (sponsored by Miss Patricia Lindgren) and commissioned on December 4, 1943

Operations - It was first put into service in Hawaii in 1944 escorting convoys between Pearl Harbour & several ports in the Far East. Later it was involved in intense action, providing protection for anti-aircraft vessels & submarines, as well as mine sweeping. Numerous mine sweeping in the Philippines, the ship began in Brunei Bay where it stuck a mine in 1945

Sunk - June 8, 1945

1. The wreck is broken in half & folded on itself; with the bow lying on top of the stern. The bottom is at 30m (100ft) on the sand & the shallowest part (the bow) is at 12m (40ft)

2. The fish fauna is good, with shoals of batfish, spotted & stripped sweetlips, cardinalfish, sweepers and fusiliers

3. Numerous of butterflyfish, angelfish, scorpoinfish, lionfish, octopus, grouper, moray eels, barracuda, small sharks, snappers and putterfish

4. Dutch vessel SS De Klerk is known as Australian wreck which is not quite a distance from the American wreck

5. Average depth normally 20m (65ft) and 30m (100ft) maximum

credits: dive guide malaysia over 110 top dive & snorkel sites including sabah, sarawak & singapore - jack jackson / perbadanan labuan - the tourism & culture division


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