Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Mangrove Jack / Unggah!

Most of the 230 or so species of snapper that make up of the Lutjanidae family are found in tropical seas & warm temperature waters. They are predatory fish with sharp, conical teeth including one or two large canine teeth on either side of the front of each jaw.

zul pudak - ketambak (Lane snapper)

kubak FS krew - Mutton Snapper (Bebarahan)

The six Lutjanidae famililes:
1. Cuber snapper (max size + weight 5 ft/1.5m /126Lb/57kg)
2. Red snapper (35Lb/16kg)
3. River Roman (Mangrove jack/Unggah - 8Lb 13 oz/4kg)
4. Mutton snapper (Bebarahan - adult weight from 5 to 10 Lb/2.27 to 4.45kg & max weight 25Lb/11.3kg)
5. Gray snapper (Ketambak dewasa - 10 Lb/ 4.45 kg)
6. Lane snapper (Ketambak 1 LB / 454 g)

Numerous snapper are taken in shallow coastal waters & over reefs by anglers & spearfishers & some speice are fished for commercially

Mangrove Jack, Mutton Snapper, Gray Snapper & Lane Snapper etc

In Brunei Darussalam, Unggah are considered game-fish! A tough fighter that really knows its way around a coral reef! Juvenile & young adult occur in mangrove estuaries and freshwater streams. Adults in saltwater around shallow coral reefs but large specimens can be found around offshore reefs in up 100 meters depth..

Techniques - bottom fishing from anchor with live or dead prawns & squid / bottom fishing with piece of mackerel, sardine, scad or tuna

Credits: The New Encyclopedia Of Fishing & South Coast Marine Ltd Co + various sources


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