Thursday, 3 September 2009

ask any anglers, which game fish would they fancy to feel, to test power as to hold the reel + rod?

zimin pudak, 1 kg barra!

queenfish, 1.3 kg

queenfish aint good in the market
barramundi has got value

the answer to most anglers - queenfish plays better!

we're attacked again!

day time he got 1 kg, at night 1.8 kg!

kubak FS krew, barramundi's license renewal

a real legend story - kubak used to be known as genghis khan, due to renewal certificate his name has been upgraded to kublai khan.. hahahahaha

happy birthday to kubak fs krew on sept 3, 09

kublai khan says WO IE NI

V - victory
wo ie ni.. hahahaeww


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